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Streamline your project development process using voice AI

Instantly create and publish user stories and bugs in Jira software using speech-to-text from your browser

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Generate Jira tickets by speaking

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Writing Jira tickets is tedious.
Meet Smingle.

Forget spending hours writing Jira tickets and user stories. Just start a recording and explain the ticket in your own words.  Smingle will do the rest for you.

Report issues in seconds

Simply start a recording from your chrome browser and explain the issue with your own words using voice commands. It's that easy.

  • 100% accuracy output in English
  • 20x faster than writing
  • Works even with noise background

Generate Jira tickets in one click

Forget about writing user stories manually, switching between screen recording tools and Jira. Generate automatically Jira tickets from your browser while talking using AI.

  • Generate multiple Jira tickets
  • WOW your team with perfect tickets
  • Eliminate repetitive ticket creation

Add all technical data your engineers need

Add all the browser info to support your ticket details. Attach videos or screenshots from your screen without using Loom or other recording tools.

  • Add visuals in the ticket
  • Assign tickets using voice commands
  • Provide all the technical details

Integrate with your favourite tools

Generate tickets with one click in Jira straight from your browser. Other tools such as Github, Slack and Trello are coming soon! 

Use templates

Whether you create a user story, epic or a bug, simply choose a template with one click and use AI to generate the ticket

How it works

Start reporting issues in 3 steps


Install extension

Simply, install the extension to your Chrome browser


Start recording

Record your audio and screen while explaining the issue


Generate tickets

Generate multiple tickets in Jira with one click without leaving the browser

Use cases

Smingle tool is ideal for product-led companies and digital agencies. Professionals of all types get more done with Smingle.

Product Owners
QA testing

Why Smingle?

With Smingle

Create multiple tickets in seconds
Add automatic recordings
Manage everything from the browser
Provide structured Jira ticket
Save hours of manual work
Happier customers

Without Smingle

Wasting hours by manually writing tickets
Manually create recordings
Constantly switching between tools
No outlined ticket structure
Spend hours of manual work
Frustrated users

What people say


Software Engineer
This tool helps me create tickets in Jira super fast while talking. I am not good with writing, so Smingle solves the problem
Client Image
Product Manager
I tried Smingle for a few epics in Jira and I was amazed by the final result generated by AI
CTO agency
As a CTO I value my time. With this tool I can easily explain improvements in seconds without switching tabs
Product Owner
I love how quickly I can create Jira tickets and report bugs instantly from the browser without switching from tools
Client Image
Business Analyst
Instead of using recording tools like Loom, I can now easily do that with the browser extension from any screen
Client Image
Product Director
This tool is great not only for creating tickets but also for documenting processes or during a meeting
Instead of going to Jira and create ticket one by one, I can easily report an inconsistency from Figma to the Engineer
Client Image
QA Specialist
When I am doing manual testing, I need to create tickets in Jira. With Smingle, I do all of them in minutes, not hours like before
Client Image
Marketing Specialist
When I see some problems with our website I record a video and generate ticket for our developers super easy with Smingle


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