Terms and Conditions

Welcome and thank you for choosing Smingle.AI! Below, you'll find the essential guidelines and conditions that govern your use of our diverse array of offerings, including our website, products, services, and applications, collectively termed as the “Services”. Should you need clarification, wish to offer feedback, or have any concerns, please connect with us at hello@codelevate.com.

Agreement to Terms

By utilizing the Services in any form, you're entering into a binding legal contract with Born Studio B.V., also referred to herein as “Smingle.AI”, “we”, or “us”. This signifies your unconditional agreement to adhere to these Terms of Service ("Terms"), which will dictate your interaction with the Services throughout their use. These Terms encompass not just the stipulations detailed here but also those outlined in our Privacy Policy and any other relevant guidelines. Furthermore, specific components of the Services might be subject to additional rules or conditions (hereafter referred to as "Additional Terms"), all of which are deemed an integral part of these Terms. Acknowledgment and compliance with these Additional Terms are required for those specific Services.

We strongly advise a thorough review of these Terms as they provide vital information about the Services provided, inclusive of any charges, taxes, and fees, along with insights into potential changes to the Terms, automatic renewals, limitations on liability, the exclusion of class action suits, and a preference for arbitration over litigation for dispute resolution. Please note, access and use of our Services are conditional upon your acceptance of these Terms; dissent will necessitate abstention from using the Services.

Modifications to the Terms

As we continuously seek to enhance our Services, these Terms are subject to modifications. We reserve the right to amend the Terms at any moment. Such changes will be communicated through our website at https://smingle.ai, via email, or other methods.

Should the revised Terms not meet your approval, you have the freedom to opt-out. However, this decision will bar you from further use of the Services. Continued utilization of the Services post-modification implies your consent to the updated Terms.

Amendments to these Terms, unless made by us as outlined above, require written confirmation by both parties to be valid.

Accessing the Services

Creating an account is essential for accessing certain Services. It's imperative that the information you provide for your account is accurate and kept current. The Services may permit the creation of additional accounts for your team members. You're tasked with ensuring that only a permitted number of users access your account, and sharing login details is prohibited.

The responsibility for any activity under your account lies solely with you. Immediate notification is required if there's any breach of security or unauthorized account access.

Additionally, access to specific Services might be through Third Party Accounts (e.g., Google or Jira). Using Third Party Accounts authorizes us to access certain information to enhance the Services, with privacy settings control remaining under your purview.

Account creation confirms that you are of legal age to form a binding contract or have acquired consent from a parent or guardian who has agreed to these Terms on your behalf. The Services are intended for your personal use, compliant with all relevant laws. Illegal use of the Services is strictly your liability.


Engagement with the Services may result in receiving various communications from Smingle.AI, such as emails. Each email provides an option to unsubscribe, allowing you to opt-out of future communications.

Usage Restrictions

Your interaction with the Services must not infringe on any rights, violate any laws, or engage in any activity deemed harmful, fraudulent, or objectionable. Security breaches, unauthorized access attempts, and any form of network attack are strictly prohibited. Misuse of the Services, including unauthorized content scraping, bulk data copying, or reverse engineering attempts, will result in account termination.

Rights to Content and User Submissions

All materials available through the Services are protected under copyright and intellectual property laws. You're granted a non-exclusive, non-transferable license to access and display Content solely for Service usage. Unauthorized use, modification, or exploitation of any Content not owned by you is prohibited without explicit permission.

User submissions made to the Services grant us a global, sublicensable, and transferable license to use, modify, and distribute such content in connection with the Services. This includes sharing within your organization and potentially anonymizing data for improvement purposes.


Both parties agree to treat all Confidential Information received from the other in strict confidence, only disclosing it as legally required or with express permission. Adequate security measures will be maintained to protect such information, although absolute security cannot be guaranteed.

Termination of Services

You may discontinue your use of the Services at any time by contacting hello@codelevate.com. Following termination, specific terms, especially those related to indemnification, liability limitations, and dispute resolution, will persist.

Disclaimers and Indemnification

The Services are provided "as is", with Smingle.AI disclaiming all warranties.